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me1.jpgHi all, I’m Hugh McGuiness.  I didn’t really get music until I was about 14 years old.  I started listening to the charts on Sunday, watching top of the pops and going to school dances etc..  Anyway, I started deejaying back in 1979 when I was 16 years old.   My DJ career didn’t last long, I was a bit immature and lacked the business experience… Whats more I couldn’t drive… How do you get discos equipment to a gig when you can’t drive..???  Anyway goes to show that I had good neighbors back then as I got through for a few years tapping on their doors of those with vans.. “thank you all.. You know who you are”..

I met the now Mrs McGuiness back in 1983 and gave it all up.. got married a year later, raised a family and all that stuff, but once the kids got to the level when they did their own thing I got into music again.. I started helping out in a band, you know the donkey work… Rodie even.. Did this for years and got to do some singing too.  I have a guitar and a keyboard but I am not good enough to play live in a band, but when it comes to the techie side of things I am in my glory.. I have a firm understanding on electricity, cabling sound production and lighting effects and have in the past controlled some massive systems, but in 1998 I gave it all up again to go back into full time education.. I re-trained to be a computer support technician and it has been my day job ever since.

I set up Quality Discos back in 2006, wanting to set up some kind of brand awareness to my discos and to project a more professional approach to the whole idea of providing entertainment to the public.  I really enjoy weddings and feel really confident doing them.. after supplying the entertainment at so many of them I feel that I can help any future bride and groom plan and execute their evening entertainment.

As you will see by looking through my past posts, I travel all over the central belt of Scotland to entertain at wedding receptions.  I always offer a reasonable priced quote for my services, but it’s never going to be the cheapest quote you will get, I do feel however that in life you always get what you pay for.  I have invested a lot of time and effort setting up Quality Discos as a business and have invested best part of £18,000 in disco sound and lighting effects.  I have also invested a lot of time in myself as a performer, learning social skills, people to people skills and DJ mixing skills.. I entertain at at least one wedding a week, normally two, some times three.  I have a wealth of knowledge to assist you getting your wedding off the ground and I am only a phone call away.

I have got myself involved with some trade associations and alliances and feel that they have helped me well in my path to make Quality Discos offer that little bit more service than other entertainers in the area and I long to continue in my efforts to stand out from them. Please feel free to leave comments on my blog, I look forward to hearing from you……

Hugh McGuiness
“Wedding Party Host”

Quality Discos