Hugh’s Tips N Hints.

Appearance and Atmosphere!

Every couple will think of the appearance of everything. From the colours of flower petals and the chair covers, the layout of the tables and of course the table centerpieces. The Bride and her bride’s maid’s dresses, their hair and makeup, the list goes on and on. But what about the atmosphere? A venue can be absolutely gorgeous with everyone in their Sunday best, and everyone can be bored stupid.

Think about entertaining your guests.

Picture this.. You have just said I do, and you are whisked off for pictures. Your guests have been given a glass of Champagne and are standing around waiting till your wedding breakfast. How will they be entertained? During your meal, is cutlery going to be the loudest noise in the room? Have a think about what will be entertaining your guests all through the day.

There are keyboard players, harpists, singers, magic acts too, and of course someone like myself playing a musical selection pre agreed by the bride and groom. Just remember think ATMOSPHERE..! And give your guests a great day as well as a great night.

Your going to love making this day all about you..

Hugh’s Tips N Hints

Wedding Planner or DIY?

Wedding planners are great if you find a good one. They can assist you with things you never imagined and have everything organised before you know it. But they can also steer you down a path of the same wedding that everyone gets. They have a picture in their head that has worked time and time again and it may not be the same as your vision. They may also recommend only suppliers that they have agreement with limiting your choice. I guarantee they will give you a great night, but not a unique night.

If you have the time and patience, and have some organisational skills to put a plan into action then I would recommend planning your own day. It’s all about making your day unique. About you as a couple. Expressing your personalities etc. Who better to do it?

Google is your best friend these days, with tips galore on wedding planning. Surf and find bridal chat rooms and see what ideas are out there. Find the ones you like and dismiss the others, and make a day you will be proud of.

Go on, you can do it! Your going to love making this day all about you..

Hugh’s Tips N Hints.

Working out the guest list.

Making your guest list!  You will have to think of your chosen venue, how many will be able to fit in the ceremony room? How many will be able to be seated for your wedding breakfast? How much will it cost per head?

You will have to have a budget in mind and this will let you know how many friends and family members you will be able to invite to your wedding ceremony. You will always blow your budget first time so don’t worry, and if you are inviting family from afar, think of where they will stay that night.

Oh, and make sure the mothers are involved in this process.  They will keep you right with family obligations.

Your going to love making this day all about you..

Hugh’s Tips N Hints.

Planning Your Wedding

You have just become engaged. Congratulations..! You will be all excited and wanting to let everyone know the good news. Once you have done that you will need to sit down and put your business hat on. Yes, planning a wedding is not to be taken lightly. There are so many questions and answers, twists and turns, it can drive you batty. Here is my first hint to get you started. Do not start a list on pen and paper. As you make your list you will have to add bits and take out bits, so it’s best to do it on a computer. That way you can add in lines as and when you want to add something you forgot earlier. The order should start with the date of your wedding, the place for the ceremony, the venue, your caterer/bar, Photographer, Entertainment, Flowers etc, etc, etc,

Your going to love making this you all about you..