Christmas Disco in Glasgow

Christmas Party in the National Piping Centre, Glasgow

Well the Santa hat was on again last night… It was the staff at the Brediland Primary School’s Christmas dinner dance held at the National Piping Centre in Glasgow.  I supplied the entertainment for them last year too so I knew it was going to be a good night.

The girls were in good spirits, on the dance floor from the very first song.  Singing away along with the music, if some of them can get the words right….LOL   I had lots of requests and was able to play all of them, even John Denver….!!  Now they were surprised I had that one…LOL

I ended the night with the usual Christmas classics and everyone went home in good spirits… Hope to see you again next year..?

Christmas Disco in Edinburgh

Christmas Party at the Royal College of Surgeons

Well Last night saw me travelling through to Scotland’s capital to supply the entertainment for a corporate Christmas Party in the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.  It was a party for the staff at Brewin Dolphin & Stocktrade and boy there was plenty of them all in good spirits.  They arrived at the reception about 7.00pm for drinks before coming upstairs for their meal at 7.30pm.

I had arrived about 4.30pm and setup in the corner of the dance floor and got the area cleared in good time for them coming in for food.  Once they arrived I played the usual Christmas songs while they were eating their meal.  The catering company were very organised, there was plenty of staff and the meals were being put out in a very timely and orderly fashion…    They even gave me a meal…Whoopee…!!

After the meal, Alan “the person who booked be” came up and asked to say a few words and after that the lights went down and the dancing began…. What a night that was….!!  The floor was full all night long and I very rarely got to choose a song, it was request after request all night long.

At the end of the night I had great feedback and there was even talk of booking me for next year’s Christmas Party…. Result..!!

NOTE:  The venue has been suffering complaints from the neighbours regarding the volume of the entertainment… I was asked at the start of the night to turn it down a bit about 11.45pm and about that time I did in fact lower the volume, but the hall had a visit from the council while I was playing and they asked me to turn it down a bit more half way through the last song.