Birthday Party Disco Cambuslang Rugby Club Glasgow South Lanarkshire

Birthday Party at Cambuslang Rugby Club

Vance Docherty’s 40th birthday Party

Vance celebrated his 40th birthday with a so called “Surprise” birthday party on the 2nd November 2013.  His lovely wife Suzy had researched the internet and found my website and proceeded to book me to entertain on the day.

Everyone waited for Vance to arrive with a big surprise..  And when he walked through the door they must have heard it miles away..  This kicked off the night dancing and the dance floor was jumping all night.

I later asked Vance was it still a surprise, he said “God No” Suzy couldn’t keep a secret if het life depended on it..  lol  It was nice to get the feedback below a few days later.


” We would like to thank you for the wonderful service you provided at my husband’s 40th birthday party. A complete professional and many guests commented how fantastic the range of music was, you catered for everyone! Highly recommended! “

30th Birthday Disco Paisley Golf Club

Birthday Disco At Paisley Golf Club
Birthday Disco At Paisley Golf Club

Birthday Party Paisley Golf Club

Stuart McFarline’s 30th Birthday Party

The 12th of October 2013 was my first visit to Paisley Golf Club.  It was Stuart McFarline’s birthday party and I was lucky enough to be the entertainment for the night.  What a hill to climb to get there..!  Not a place I would walk to at all.  But once your there they have a lovely club house for their membership and a spacious car park.

You could tell he was right in to his golf just by looking at the birthday cake.  Apparently he’s always in the bunkers.. lol  Everyone there had a great time dancing the night away till closing time.

Were you there?  If so please feel free to leave a comment below.


” Hugh was absolutely fantastic. He played all the songs we had requested previously and picked similar ones that he thought we would like.

Guests commented on how good they thought the DJ was and we cannot thank him enough for making the 30th birthday party so great. “

Pictures taken on the night can be seen here:  Paisley Golf Club Pictures

Birthday Disco At Paisley Golf Club
Birthday Disco At Paisley Golf Club

21st Birthday Party Paisley Rugby Club

Birthday Party at Paisley Rugby Club

Wendy called and booked me over the phone to supply the entertainment for her daughters 21st birthday party at Paisley Rugby Club.  It was a small venue with really friendly staff.  I arrived to find them setting up for the event, blowing up balloons etc..
I set up just in to the left as i entered the hall.  Three lighting effects were plenty and the lack of a smoke alarm meant i could use plenty of haze, great for a 21st birthday bash.

There was drinking games galore, and a man making all sorts of cocktails all night long and everyone had a ball.  I was able to play all the requests and keep everyone happy.  The night ended and everyone went home without any problems and some of the boys gave me a hand out with the boxes.


Birthday Party Upper Port Glasgow Social Club, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire

40th Birthday Party in Port Glasgow

Joan Hagan’s 40th Birthday Party was held at the Upper Port Glasgow Social Club on the 26th January 2013.

It was a fancy dress theme, and everybody took the opportunity to dress up and get involved.  It was a complete variety of costumes, from super hero’s to Mr Blobby..  It was a great night.  Music was mainly 80s, well you can never go wrong with them with the age group I had on the night..  And 2 people asked for cards wanting to book me for other family celebrations later in the year.

The full gallery of pictures can be seen on my Facebook page by clicking the link below.


Hugh did a amazing night.  Everyone I have spoke to has all said the same.  Total mixer of music for the age group.  Wouldn’t hesitate in passing quality disco’s details over to other people.
Thank you again, Joan Hagan.

Joan’s Pictures


30th Birthday Party in Giffnock, Glasgow

Birthday Party in the Giffnock North AAC

Heather Congalton’s 30th Birthday Party celebration held at the Giffnock North AAC, in Glasgow on the 28th April 2012.  As you can see the birthday cake had a big flare about it and the dance floor was packed all night long..

Heather sent me a short email thanking me for entertaining at her birthday party.  You can see all the pictures taken on the night at my Facebook page using the link below.

Heather’s Pictures

TESTIMONIAL from Heather Congalton’s 30th – 28/4/2012

Thank you so much hugh for helping making my party fab, the music was brilliant everyone had a ball loads of good comments from my friends and family. Brilliant and so professional.

Birthday party in Carluke

Birthday Party in Carluke Rovers

Alan Johnson’s birthday was not till the 4th April, but the nearest date he could get a hall was 31st March 2012.  He was celebrating his 21st birthday and I was picked to be the entertainer on the night.  This was the first time I have played in the Carluke Rovers, the venue was quite small compared to some of the places that I work in, but perfect for the numbers invited to the party.

The night went really well.. lots of clubby, dance tunes along with some hardcore thrown in to get the atmosphere going..  I mainly supply entertainment at weddings these days, so it was a treat to get down and dirty practicing my mixing skills again.. I loved it, brought it all back…  The crowd bounced all night..!!

Everyone had a great night and everything went really well, the crowd were on their best behavior and left quietly at the end. Alan was really nice, he thanked me at the end of the night and said I was worth every penny.  Lot’s of people requested cards so I think I will be back some time soon..?

Birthday Party at the Woodend Lounge

Jamie’s 21st Birthday Party in Glasgow

Jamie McLean celebrated his 21st birthday at the Woodend Lounge in Glasgow on the 23rd March 2012.  It was in the function hall upstairs which was a really nice split hall.. one bit was effectively a dance floor, with a step into a second bit full of seating.  I liked the layout of the hall but it was not really suitable for an external disco to play..  They have their own in house DJ and they have their own lights and speakers bolted on to the walls.. There is a small squre in the corner they call a DJ booth and the in house disco equipment is installed there.. There was nearly no room to set up my kit so I ended up using their lighting and my PA… Not ideal but it worked on the night.

Jamie’s sister had been to lot’s of my discos and knew who to call in the event they need a DJ, I was free and was glad to meet her once again.  The night went really well, danced the night away and got merry.  Jamie and his pals headed off to a night club in the town at the end, hope he had a great night at the after party..!!

30th Birthday Party Disco in Glasgow

Birthday Party in Blythswood Square Hotel

It was on the 4th February 2012 that Lyndsay celebrated her 30th Birthday in the Blythswood Square Hotel.  There were lots of friends and family there to help her celebrate it, and they did so in style..

The evening was a great success and the dance floor was full from start to finish with guests having a great time.  Lyndsay was on the floor most of the night having a great time.  The buffet was hot rolls in sausage and bacon and there were lots of cupcakes to have as seconds.. MMmmm..!!

Happy Birthday Lyndsay, Hopefully I can entertain at another family gathering in the future.

Were you there…??

If so please feel free to leave a comment for Lyndsay to read..?

Disco in East Kilbride

Birthday Party at the East Kilbride Golf Club

It was the 14th January 2012 that Karen Hilditch celebrated her 50th Birthday Party in the brand new East Kilbride Golf Club.  The clubhouse had previously burnt down and they had to build a new one, and what a clubhouse they have now..!!  Everything is shiny and new and I am sure the membership must be very proud of it.

On arrival I found the tables and chairs set out and nowhere for me to set up..!!  I asked the staff behind the bar “Where do the band normally set up..?” to be told that they haven’t had a band in the new clubhouse yet..!!!  Anyway we had to move a whole row of tables and chairs so that I could have room to set up and play..  This left the rest of the room quite tight together and getting in and out of the hall was a bit of an issue, but ther hall was not full thankfully..!!

Anyway the guests arrived and everyone had a ball.  Karen kept giving me requests from her years gone by “David Bowie, T Rex” etc..  she was delighted to hear the hits from her era, and I was glad to be able to play them.  The buffet opened about 9.00pm and everyone got stuck in to sandwiches, chicken drumsticks, spicy chicken wing things, haggis balls and sausage rolls.  The catering did put on a good spread and I was invited to help myself… yum yum…

After the buffet we got the cake lit and sang happy birthday and Karen said a few words of thanks to those attending on the night, then the music was back on and the dance floor was full of happy dancers once again.

Karen’s birthday was actually the 15th, so after midnight I made an announcement and had everyone sing happy birthday once again, Karen was well pleased.  I played on till 12.30pm and said good night and I was later asked to supply the entertainment for Karen’s wedding later on in the year… They must have liked me I guess…???

 Were you there..?

If so why don’t you leave a small message for the birthday girl..?

Birthday Party in Port Glasgow

Kevin Oneill's 40th Birthday Party

Birthday Party in the Unity Club, Port Glasgow

It was the 23rd December 2011 that Kevin O’Neill celebrated his 40th Birthday..  The venue was the Unity Club “The Knights” in Port Glasgow and since I knew Kevin through playing golf in the same club some years ago he contacted me to help celebrate his party with his family and friends.  I arrived about 6.40pm but didn’t get in till 7.00pm when the staff arrived.  Getting in was easy but there was a PA system already setup on the stage….!!  Apparently it was the clubs and there was no one there able to take it down..!! “How unprofessional”..  I ended up having to move it myself to the side to make room for my equipment.. Anyway I got in set up and had the music going for 8.00pm but no sign of the birthday boy..!!  I later found out he was in the club, but at another bar with mates.

Anyway Kevin eventually graced us with his presence and I cranked up the volume a bit..  His partner asked me to do the cake then announce the buffet was open..  What a laugh that was..!  There were 40 candles round the cake, the kind that don’t go out.  Well, the cake was getting all burnt with the 3” flames from the candles and it took a pint of water to put it out…LOL  Everyone sang happy birthday, Kevin said a few words, then the buffet was opened.

After the buffet we got some dancing going on and I stopped at 1.00am.  There weren’t too many in the hall which Kevin was a bit disappointed about, maybe this time of the year was too busy for some of his friends with Christmas just round the corner.  But those that were there got drunk and had a great time just the same.

All the best Kevin, keep in touch mate…