Wedding Planner or DIY?

Wedding planners are great if you find a good one. They can assist you with things you never imagined and have everything organised before you know it. But they can also steer you down a path of the same wedding that everyone gets. They have a picture in their head that has worked time and time again and it may not be the same as your vision. They may also recommend only suppliers that they have agreement with limiting your choice. I guarantee they will give you a great night, but not a unique night.

If you have the time and patience, and have some organisational skills to put a plan into action then I would recommend planning your own day. It’s all about making your day unique. About you as a couple. Expressing your personalities etc. Who better to do it?

Google is your best friend these days, with tips galore on wedding planning. Surf and find bridal chat rooms and see what ideas are out there. Find the ones you like and dismiss the others, and make a day you will be proud of.

Go on, you can do it! Your going to love making this day all about you..