Engagement Party in Glasgow

It was just 4 weeks ago that Julie phoned and asked me to supply the Engagement Party Disco for her and John, and I was delighted to tell her that I was free on the date.

It was held at the Holiday Inn “Glasgow Airport” on the 26th November 2011 and what a horrible night it was.  60Mph winds blasting the rain to the floor I was worried that people might not attend but my fears will for nothing because the venue filled to capacity and everyone had a shot of dancing on the floor.  John really got in to the spirit of dance floor and had a great time….. Watch the video and see….LOL

Seriously though, all the very best for your future together, and I hope you call back should you want a disco for your wedding reception.

Were you at the party..?

If so why don’t you leave a message for Julie and John to read next time they look in..?